Monday, 12 June 2017

My Profile

Kiora and Talofa my name is Anika. I am a year 7 and I attend Glen Taylor School and I enjoy it. I am in Room 12 and my Teacher’s name is
Miss Siale. I have an older sister and brother. I'm good at Art and Reading. I enjoy napping, skipping and doing Art and I also like hanging with my friends. My challenges are staying focused and to touch type with passion.
My goals for this year is to challenge myself in all learning areas. For example when I can’t do things I need to try my best.
This year I am looking forward to the challenges coming. Also I can’t wait for camp. People that inspire me are my family and my teacher, they inspire to use my abilities to the best they can be used to. They help me to learn and make new challenges for me everyday.

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