Monday, 12 March 2018

The Toi Toi Book

I am in the reading group Korowai.  My group goes to Mrs Wrack every Monday & Friday. We received a book named Toi Toi. Toi Toi is a journal for young writers and artists. This book is written by students our age. It is filled with language we use. One of the stories I enjoyed was Roasting Marshmallow's because as I read all the describing words I viewed the setting in my head. I also enjoyed the poem Cross Country because It wasn't to long, yet it was filled with a heap of detail. I really would recommend this book to students in Intermediate and Primary.


  1. I'm looking forward to reading your piece of writing we'll work on to submit!

    1. Good Afternoon Miss Wrack,
      I am looking forward to writing a piece of writing, See you next Monday :)

  2. Hey Anika,

    Yay! Toi Toi is an awesome resource. I'm looking forward to reading your writing!

    Mrs Faalili

    1. Aloha Mrs Fa'alili,
      I know right, Toi Toi is an awesome resource, its nice to sit down and read one of there stories once in a while :)