Thursday, 31 May 2018

Poetry Workshop

Two weeks ago on Thursday, A bunch of students went to a poetry workshop in the break out room. We learnt about different poems and language we could use. Here is one of my poems I wrote about my church.
Our Church Ways 🙏💕

💕🙏 I see my Pastor as I walk through my church doors,
I see smiles as we sing our church songs,
I see my family as I quietly take a seat,
I see the little children coloring crazily on their study, Activity books,
I see the ladies & men holding little baskets for the offerings,
I see the bibles in people’s helpful hand’s as I scan my enormous eyes around,
I see my shoes as I tilt my head down a bit to pray,
I see new friendly families being welcomed to a seat,
I see Ngola & her niece trying to get Ngola’s naughty nephew asleep,

I see everyone leaving because church is officially over. 🙏💕  

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