Friday, 30 August 2019

Recount of my eye Dissection Experience

 On Wednesday period 6,my class tried dissecting a cow's eye. We were split in to groups, then chose our pair from our group. I was with Cerenity. First we put on a glove to protect one of our hands, then we grabbed a newspaper so that we didn't get the tables dirty and also were handed two tools, scissors and a scalper. Then Miss Wells came around and placed the cow’s eye on our newspaper.

We then watched a video which told us what to do with the eye first, it was to remove the fat. I started to cut away the fat but it was a bit difficult so I let Cerenity try, we were using scissors and noticed that they weren’t very sharp so we decided to change tools to the scalper. The scalper was very sharp and cut away most of the fat, but we still had a bit left. We then had to stop so we wouldn’t run out of time and watched the video for step two.

Step two, one of the weird parts. We had to stab in the middle of the eyeball then make a cut, it took a way at first because the cornea was a thick layer that made us have to push the scalper in very deep. After 2-3 tries we finally got the scalper in. Making the cut was harder because we didn’t want to make the cut to big so we were very nervous. I slit the eye and a black liquid came out, that was the aqueous humour which had the yuckiest smell, aswell as a clear jelly substance which was the vitreous humour and I thought was weird because I wasn’t expecting it, but at the same time I felt the vitreous humour very satisfying. We then carried on to step three.

Step three, to cut in the middle of the eye, which Cerenity tried but it was very hard because we found that our tools were slippery and not as sharp as we needed it. She couldn’t quite get it in  help so I tried to help her out. I got the scalper slightly through then Mr Dunn came and thought he could do it for us so he cut it for us. Out of that came even more bad smelling aqueous humour came out and it spread everyone, including the table and even on our hand with no glove. We then had to clean the rest of the aqueous humour out of the front of the eye, gently I pulled the slimy substance out  making facial expressions I couldn't express in words, but luckily that was most definitely one of the easiest parts. We then looked like the iris and also saw some of the blood vessels. The last thing we looked at which was already to the side, was the lens and the pupil, the pupil was as soft yet rough. The lens in our cow’s eye was very small, so we figured that the cow must’ve had bad eyesight or have been very old. When we looked through the lens we noticed that it was like a magnifying glass, but our lens was a bit blurry.

We learnt a lot about the cow’s eye and also some extra facts. Did you know cow’s can only look up, down, left and right? Unlike humans we can roll our eyes around instead of always moving our head.